The Australian Hairdressing Council

Invites you to be part of our free Industry Benchmarking Project. This project aims to provide you with important statistical data pertaining to your salon to help you identify key areas of success and areas of improvement.

The report is included as part of your Salon Select membership and you are permitted to participate at no additional expense.

This service is no longer available. You can purchase an individual report here, if required.

Three successful business people, reading Benchmarking Analysis.

Do you really know?

Do you know where your wage percentage sits compared to the rest of the industry, or in your turn over bracket, or in your shop setting like a mall or strip location, actually do you know what the true industry percentage is?

Do you also want to know how you compare on items like:

  • Rent costs
  • Staff numbers
  • Client numbers
  • Retail to Service percentages

This is where the AHC and have combined to provide all this information and more for you. All we require from our Salon Select members is for you to click the link below and submit your P&L and other requisite information. can even complete the data entry for you, how easy is that!